Wyndmoor resident catches runaway, earns reward!

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Anne Hawkins, Skye Peterson, and fugitive turtle, Princess

By Skye Peterson

Well, it all started when my nana's turtle escaped. Two weeks later, I was at Ani’s birthday party. I was walking in the stream following Ani’s friend. I saw this moving rock. It wasn’t an ordinary rock. I said, “How can a rock move without anybody touching it?” and then I looked in the front, and then I remembered that Mom said, “if you find Princess you get a $50 reward!” When I found Princess I looked in her face and I said, “Wait a minute … I recognize this someone. I recognize her shell too. That’s Princess!” I went crazy! I was so happy. Nana had to go to the bank to get $50. And I spent it on lots of stuff at the carnival and stuff and that’s it. I hope you enjoyed!