Query for Eighth Month: Integrity and Simplicity

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Grounding for Transformed Lives: Integrity and Simplicity

  • What is the interplay between simplicity and integrity in the life of our meeting?
  • How does our meeting embody simplicity and integrity in its structures and practices?
  • How has our meeting considered humanity’s impact on the earth’s ecological integrity and the ways in which violence and injustice exacerbate this impact?
  • How do I strive to achieve harmony between my inner and outer commitments in my spiritual journey, my work, my family and my other responsibilities?
  • Am I temperate in all things?
  • Am I open to counsel regarding addictive behavior?
  • Am I involved only with those organizations and activities whose purposes and methods complement my integrity?
  • Am I careful to speak truth as I know it and am I open to truth spoken to me?
  • Am I mindful that judicial oaths imply a double standard of truth?


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