Query for First Month: Meeting for Worship

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Deepening Our Faith: Meeting for Worship

  • Are our meetings for worship held in stilled, expectant waiting upon God?
  • As we worship in the living silence, are we drawn together by the power of God in our midst? Do we experience a deep reverence for the integrity of creation?
  • How does our worship nurture all worshipers, creating a deeper sense of community?
  • How does our meeting encourage vocal ministry that spiritually nurtures the worshiping community?
  • Do I faithfully attend meeting with heart and mind prepared for worship, clear of any predetermination to speak or not to speak, expecting that worship will be a source of strength and guidance?
  • Does worship deepen my relationship with God, increase my faithfulness and refresh and renew my daily life, both inwardly and in my relationships with other persons and with all of creation?
  • Does worship enhance my capacity for attentive, non-judgmental listening to others?
  • How does participation in meeting for worship contribute to my life-long spiritual journey?

Source:  Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Faith & Practice, 2017.




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Being "Clear of any predetermination to speak or not to speak" was not how early Friends operated. William Penn, George Fox, and others advertised when they were going to preach and that's why many could come hear them.  Look at the etchings of early meetings for worship in barns and rude buildings.  They weren't the quiet, retiring gatherings of today.  In many of the meetings I've attended, coming prepared with a quote, or refrence or meditation on a Bible passage or some other spiritual text would greatly improve the level of ministry which, at its best can leave all present inspired, uplifted and refreshed for the life outside our protective walls.  

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