Query for Sixth Month: Stewardship of Resources

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  • How does our meeting accommodate ecological, economic and social justice in its uses of property and money?
  • Does our meeting engage its members in supporting the meeting’s work, its ministry and the upkeep of its property?
  • Does our meeting encourage its members to support with their time, energy and finances the quarterly and yearly meetings and other Quaker organizations?
  • To what extent does our meeting rely on current members and attenders for financial support and to what extent on other sources?
  • How do I demonstrate in my own decision making a concern for ecological, economic and social justice?
  • How do I simplify my needs, making choices that balance self-sufficiency and fair sharing of resources?
  • Do I balance my work-life and other activities with the time and energy needed for my spiritual growth and service?
  • Do I contribute to the work of Friends in my meeting, in the quarterly and yearly meetings and in the wider world of Friends?


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