What's Up with Vocal Ministry?

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Here are some of thoughts that Friends in our meeting have shared:

--Messages sometimes have a delayed reaction.

--Audibility can be an issue.

--We are improving!

--We are uneven.

--Community love informs us.

--Newcomers are empowered to share messages.

--Strike a balance between silence and talkiness.

--It's a potluck.

--Any message can be personally valuable to anyone.

--What does anonymity mean in this context?

--We are called to understanding of God working among us.

--We are called to being accepting.

--We should talk more!

What are your own thoughts?  How are we doing with this as a meeting?



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I think that if standing up and speaking in meeting comes relatively easily to you, then it's especially important to wait to make sure you are led or for the message to crystalize to its essence. For me (who likes to speak) it's important to distill the message itself from the story of what all happened that led me to have this thought because sharing all the details of that story can actually dillute the real message. On the other hand, if standing up and speaking does not come easily to you and you feel an inner urge to speak, then don't wait so long you talk yourself out of speaking. The Divine can speak through any of us, but we each need different practices and encouragement.

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