03 (March) Documents for Meeting for Business

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Minutes Details: 

Meeting for Worship for Business
March 22, 2020, 12:30pm

Agenda (see document links below)

  1. Opening Worship and Reading of the Third Query

  2. Hospitality Committee

  3. Working group on Corona Virus and our Community

  4. Office & Admin(decision needed)

  5. Discernment regarding Quarterly and Yearly Meeting Covenants

  6. Nominating (decision needed)

  7. Religious Education

  8. Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting 

  9. Worship & Ministry

  10. February Minutes for Approval

  11. Announcements

    1. April Annual Reports Due

      1. Tuition Assistance

      2. Finance (proposed budget)

      3. Safety Coordinator

    2. Clerks' Meeting is April 26 at noon in the worship room (originally scheduled for April 12 which is Easter)

    3. The Worship & Ministry Committee has added new text to the home page of our website.

    4. The Property Committee reports that the Quaker Building and Programs Granting Group declined our grant application for financial assistance with the gutter repair.

    5. Release Date for May 16 is tomorrow.

  12. Closing Worship

Query for 3rd Month -- Spiritual Nurture, Ministry, and Religious Education

  • Does our Meeting encourage the ministry of both word and deed? How does our Meeting recognize, develop, and nurture the gifts of our members and attenders of all ages?

  • Does our Meeting prepare all its members and children for worship and for a way of life consistent with the principles of the Religious Society of Friends? How do we teach about Quaker practices in business and worship and their importance to the functioning of our Meeting community?

  • In what ways do we support each other in order to seek God’s will and act upon our understanding of truth? Is there opportunity in our Meeting to share the excitement of religious discovery and the possiblity of religious transformation?

  • Does our Meeting provide opportunities for all in the Meeting to learn about:

    • the Inner Light, the living Christ within, the Bible, the writings of Friends, our Christian heritage, other religious traditions and their respective roles in the history and formation of Friends’ principles?

    • the common testimonies Friends declare?

    • the variety of expression Quaker faith takes today?

  • Do I maintain as part of my personal and family life those daily practices that focus on continued spiritual growth, with disciplined worship, inward retirement, and communion with the divine spirit?

  • Do I frequently read the Bible and other religious literature, including the records of the lives and experiences of Friends? Do I take the time to explore these resources with others, and likewise encourage my children?

  • Do I share my own faith and spiritual journey, and encourage such sharing within my family?