2019 -01 (January) Minutes for Meeting for Business

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Minutes Details: 

Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting
Meeting for Worship for Business
20 January, 2018 beginning promptly at 12:30

Agenda (see document links below)

  1. Opening Worship and Reading of the First Query
  2. Care and Counsel Committee (Decision(s) Needed)
  3. Worship & Ministry Annual Report
  4. Peace & Social Concerns Annual Report
  5. Philadelphia Quarter Representatives
  6. Nominating Committee
  7. Finance Committee(Decision(s) Needed)
  8. Approval of Minutes of November Meeting for Business
  9. Announcements
    1. February Annual Reports Due
      1. Recorder
      2. Office & Admin
      3. Skyspace
    2. Easy Evens 
      1. January--Worship and Ministry
      2. February--Religious Education
      3. March -- -Peace and Social Concerns
    3. Reserved March Saturday (March 19) will be released tomorrow for rentals.
  10. Closing Worship

Query for First Month -- Meeting for Worship

  • Are our meetings for worship held in stilled, expectant waiting upon God?
  • As we worship is there a living silence in which we are drawn together by the power of God in our midst?
  • Is the spirit of our worship together one that nurtures all worshipers?
  • How does our Meeting respond when the vocal ministry seems inappropriate, or when the meeting for worship is consistently not gathered?
  • Do I faithfully attend meeting with heart and mind prepared for worship, clear of any predetermination to speak or not to speak, and expecting that worship will be a source of strength and guidance?
  • Does worship deepen my relationship with God, increase my faithfulness, and refresh and renew my daily life, both inwardly and in my relationship with others?
  • Have I experienced in worship that direct leading to listen or to speak, and have I been faithful to my own experience?