2019 -02 (February) Minutes of Meeting for Business

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Minutes Details: 

Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting
Meeting for Worship for Business
17 February, 2019 beginning promptly at 12:30

Agenda (see document links below)

  1. Opening Worship and Reading of the First Query
  2. Care and Counsel Committee (Decision(s) Needed)
  3. Recorder Annual Report
  4. Office & Admin Annual Report
  5. Library Annual Report
  6. Nominating Committee
  7. Philadelphia Quarter Representatives
  8. Skyspace Update
  9. Approval of Minutes of January Meeting for Business
  10. Announcements
    1. March Annual Reports Due
      1. Adult Class
      2. Hospitality
      3. Nominating (committee appointments)
    2. Easy Evens 
      1. February--Religious Education
      2. March--Peace and Social Concerns
      3. April---Care and Counsel
    3. Reserved April Saturday (April 20) will be released tomorrow for rentals.
  11. Closing Worship

Query for First Month -- Meeting for Business

  • Is our meeting for business held in the spirit of a meeting for worship in which we seek divine guidance?
  • Are we careful to keep in the spirit of worship each of the concerns that emerge, whether of nurture, of Spirit, of social concerns, of property, or of finance?
  • Are Meeting decisions directed by prayerful consideration of all aspects of an issue and are difficult problems considered carefully with patient search for truth, unhurried by the pressures of time?
  • How do we respond if we notice the meeting has lost an understanding of the presence of God?
  • Do we recognize that we speak through our inaction as well as our action?
  • Do I regularly attend meeting for business and in a spirit of love and unity? If unable to attend, how do I attend to my responsibility?
  • Do I consider prayerfully the many concerns that are lifted up on any issue, acknowledging that the search for truth in unity involves what God requires, being open to personal transformation as the community arrives at the sense of the meeting?