2019 -09 (September) Documents for Meeting for Business

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Minutes Details: 
Minutes Details: 

Meeting for Worship for Business
September 15, 2019 beginning promptly at 12:15

Agenda (see document links below)

  1. Opening Worship and Reading of the Ninth Query
  2. PIHN
  3. Care & Counsel
  4. Treasurer Annual Report
  5. Ad hoc Committee on Racism
  6. Office Committee
  7. Quarter Representatives
  8. Safety Coordinator
  9. Eileen's Support Committee
  10. Property Committee
  11. Clerk's Announcements
  12. Approval of Minutes of June Meeting for Business
  13. Announcements
    1. October Annual Reports Due
      1. Outreach
      2. Property
      3. Treasurer Quarterly Report
      4. Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting
    2. Easy Evens 
      1. September--Outreach
      2. October -- Adult RE
      3. November -- Landscape
    3. Clerks' Meeting is January at noon in the worship room
    4. Release Date for November 16 is tomorrow.
    5. Property Committee has adopted an indoor plant policy.  All plants to be left indoors must be approved by the property committee before they are put in the meetinghouse.
    6. Skyspace Committee has made arrangements to sponsor a Friends Journal Quaker-Speak article.  The funds to pay for the article came from donations from meeting members and a portion of the Outreach Committee budget.
    7. Property Committee has accepted Mary Wilson's retirement to begin on November 2, 2019.  The Property Committee has hired Cedrick Wright to assume cleaning responsibilities after Mary's departure.
  14. Closing Worship

Query for 9th Month -- Outreach

  • What are we doing as a Meeting to communicate our presence and our principles to the community around us? Does our Meeting’s ministry of outreach lead Friends to share their spiritual experiences with others?
  • What are we doing to invite persons not in membership to attend our meetings for worship and to encourage their continued attendance? How does the Meeting welcome visitors? Are we sensitive to the needs and hesitations of each visitor?
  • Are we tender to the needs of isolated Friends and Meetings, and to nearby Meetings seeking support?
  • How do I ground myself in the understandings of my faith? Am I clear about my beliefs? How do I prepare myself to share my faith and beliefs with others?
  • Does my manner of life as a Friend attract others to our religious society?
  • Do I seize opportunities to tell others about the Religious Society of Friends and invite them to worship with us?
  • Is my manner with visitors and attenders to our Meeting one of welcome?


  • In what ways does our Meeting respond to opportunities to join with other faiths in worship, in social action, and in spiritual dialogue?
  • How does our Meeting encourage its members to seek opportunities to meet and work with Friends world wide?
  • What opportunities have I taken to know people from different religious and cultural backgrounds, to worship with them, and to work with them on common concerns?
  • What opportunities have I taken to know, to work, and to worship with Friends outside of my own Meeting?