2020 -10 (October) Documents for Meeting for Business

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Minutes Details: 

Meeting for Worship for Business
October 18, 2020, 12:15 pm via Zoom

Agenda (see document links below)

  1. Opening Worship and Reading Query for the Tenth Month
  2. Clerk's Report
  3. Property Committee Annual Report
  4. Worship & Ministry
  5. Ad hoc Committee on Grants and Covenants (decision)
  6. Care & Counsel (decision)
  7. Outreach Committee Annual Report
  8. Ad hoc Committee on Racism (decision)
  9. Philadelphia Quarter Annual Report
  10. Philadelphia Quarter
  11. September Minutes for Approval
  12. Announcements
    1. November Annual Reports Due
      1. Landscape
      2. Peace & Social Concerns
      3. PIHN Committee Annual Report (held over from October)
    2. Nominating (new officers)
    3. Release date for December 19 is tomorrow.
    4. Treasurer Quarterly Report will be submitted at the November Meeting for Business
    5. Office Committee reports:  On October 13, the Department of Health of the City of Philadelphia announced new guidelines for maximum attendance at events. The indoor rate is set at 10% of maximum capacity. As a result, Office & Administration Committee is lowering the maximum for indoor meetings and rentals to 12 in the Worship Room or 15 in the Social Room. The City announcement states, “Polling places and other election activities are not events,” meaning that these guidelines do not apply to voting in the meetinghouse on November 3 (attached).
  13. Closing Worship

Query for the Tenth Month -- Witnessing in the World: Ministry of Outreach

  • How does our meeting communicate Friends’ presence and principles to the wider community?
  • How does our meeting join with other faith communities in worship, in spiritual dialogue and in social action?
  • What are we doing to invite persons to attend our meetings for worship, to welcome them when they come, to listen sensitively to their needs and hesitations and to encourage their continued attendance?
  • How do I share my spiritual life and experience with others?
  • Does my life as a Friend attract others to our religious society?
  • What opportunities have I taken to worship with people from other religious and cultural backgrounds and work with them on common concerns?