2022 - September Meeting for Business Documents

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Meeting for Worship for Business

September 18, 2022 at 12:15 pm 

Hybrid - Attend in person or join via Zoom

Agenda (See documents attached below)

  1. Opening Worship
  2. Reading of the Land Acknowledgement Statement
  3. Reading of Query for the Ninth Month
  4. Clerk’s Report 
  5. Treasurer’s Annual Report on Fiscal Year 2021-2022
  6. Finance Committee: Proposed policy changes
  7. Peace & Social Concerns 
    1. Follow-up to survey on racial justice actions 
    2. Request for approval of three donations first presented in June
  8. PIHN Committee Annual Report
  9. Religious Education Committee Annual Report
  10. Tuition Assistance Annual Report
  11. Minutes for Approval: June
  12. Announcements
    1. Reports due in October
      1. Outreach Annual Report  
      2. Property and House Annual Report   
      3. Quarterly Finance Report      
      4. Religious Education Annual Report    
    2.  Release date for Nov 19 (3rd Sat) is tomorrow                                                                       
  13. Closing Worship

Query for the Ninth Month 

Grounding for Transformed Lives: Equality and Justice

  • How does our meeting benefit from established patterns of prejudice, exploitation and economic convenience? What are we doing to change this?
  • How and how often does our meeting engage in a self-examination of its attitudes and actions regarding race, ability, gender, sexual orientation or class?
  • What steps are we taking as a meeting to inform ourselves about social injustice and ecological violence embedded in our political and economic systems?
  • What steps are we taking as a meeting to assure that our meeting and the committees and institutions under our care are respectful of the earth and its people?
  • Do I regularly examine myself for attitudes and behavior that indicate any hidden prejudice regarding race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or class?
  • How do my lifestyle choices affect—positively or negatively—the causes of justice and peace in our nation, the community of nations and the whole of creation?
  • How do I demonstrate in my way of living, and in what I teach my children, that love of God entails acknowledging “that of God in every person”?