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Presented Scenarios

The group started with the notion of a two level Meeting House with the lower level open to sunlight on several sides, as well as the idea of siting the Meeting room first and the other rooms around it. Two basic Meeting Room shapes were identified: a nearly square room (Rectangular version) and a circular room (Circular version). The group presented two schemes.

The Rectangular version had a Meeting Room on the upper level, with loggias on the south and east. North of the Meeting Room was a loggia (dining/buffer), then the Gathering Room, then a porch. The Meeting Room had three-sided seating with a fireplace to the west, and a glass wall to the east, oriented to the pines. The Serving Area and a Kitchen flanked the buffer space, and the buffer space could open to the Gathering Room for larger group dining. The opposite side of the buffer space and Gathering Room had coats, lavatories, and exterior storage.

The lower level of the Rectangular version had the First Day School rooms in an L-shaped configuration on the south and east, surrounding a square block that contained the Nursery, lavatories, halls, and storage.

The Circular Version imagined a circular Meeting Room ringed by light wells and a circular loggia on the upper level, set into the old pines. A porch and Gathering Room/Library were located north of the Meeting Room, with a gently curving ramp from the parking to the entry. Also flanking the Meeting Room were coats and lavatories. The First Day School, Kitchen, Serving, lavatories, and Weekday School Office were located on the lower level.

Parking was along Mermaid Lane. A retention pond was located on the western corner of the site. A separate walk led to the lower level, passing a play area, garden, and labyrinth. A treehouse was located in the woods at the southern corner of the site. There was a lawn at the upper level near the front entrance.