Green Strategies Group

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Issues Addressed / General Ideas



Daylighting (clearstory)

Technology — Perhaps some photo-voltaic Windows — Triple glazed

Geothermal not worth it

General belief was that money should go into a tight building properly oriented with high energy efficiency - less interest in active solar, geothermal, etc.

Presented Scenario

The scheme presented by the group had a linear orientation along the east-west access to maximize solar benefit. The building was located in the center of the site to maximize hours of sunlight and minimize noise. From west to east, the program areas in the building were the First Day School/Kitchen first, then the Gathering Room, then the Meeting Room opening to an amphitheater against the pines. Above, on a second level, were the nursery and Office. The Library was part of the Gathering Room. There was green roof over the Meeting Room, possibly imagined as a slip-gable roof with south facing clearstory. There was a porch at the entryway and south of the First Day School rooms. This porch had a retractable awning and could be used for outdoor dining.

Parking was along Mermaid Lane and UCP side (niche parking). Pedestrians walk southward from parking areas to the porch and Gathering Room. The group had no predilection for locating a Turrell piece. Play areas were to the south in the woods.