How we handle snow at the meetinghouse

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To summarize, Property Committee will handle as much as possible, building fellowship and saving money.

  • For mostĀ storms that accumulate less than 2" of snow we (Property Committee, with help from all other willing and able-bodied Friends) take responsibility for clearing and salting the walkways and public sidewalk. The timing of this will depend on when the storm starts and stops and scheduled events at the Meetinghouse.
  • There are snow shovels and salt staged at the front and side doors with extras of both in the outdoor closet. Let me know if you need the key code for the closet.
    • For storms of 2" or greater we call inĀ our snow removal contractor, Suburban Snow Plow (Ian Oelschlegel), to do most of this work. I am in contact with him during storms to coordinate his work with our needs.
    • Note that Suburban will typically start their work when the storm ends to minimize their working time (and our expense). Exceptions are when events are scheduled or during major storms when they may be on site several times.
  • In between storms, when there can be blowing snow and melting and freezing, the Property Committee will coordinate keeping the walkways as safe as possible. But everyone is encouraged to keep an eye out for icy patches at anytime this winter and to grab a shovel or throw a handful of salt as they see fit.
  • Please contact me by email ([email protected]) or phone / text (215 880-3166) if you have concerns now or in the future.

Bob Reynolds