Phasing Group

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Presented Scenarios

The group presented two scenarios for phasing:

Scenario A - Meeting Room and Gathering Room go to the new site and the First Day School functions stay at the existing site - In this scenario, FDS would move to the existing Meeting Room / Gathering Room/Office Area. The existing Kitchen and FDS side of the Meetinghouse would be rented to other groups. In this scenario, Turrell skypiece might be installed in the new Meeting Room.

Scenario B - The First Day School functions go to the new site, and the Meeting Room and Gathering Room stay at existing Meetinghouse. Again, the First Day School side of the existing Meetinghouse gets rented out. The scheme considered expansion of the existing Meeting Room to increase capacity. Alternately, there could be two services. In this scenario, a Turrell piece might be installed in public areas at the new site.

The group's conclusion was that either scenario would work fine. Also, both scenarios were considered by the group to be temporary solutions. Therefore, in both scenarios, investment in existing Meetinghouse should be minimal. The issue was raised about separating the program, especially children from parents. The group acknowledged that it was not ideal and again, temporary.