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Presented Scenario

The proposed scenario relocated the main site entrance to the Germantown Avenue side of Mermaid Lane. The idea would be to provide more street presence, approachability, and visibility (especially to Turrell). The drive was over a bridge, flanked by rocks and a water feature.

The group imagined three Turrell pieces, and it was noted that seeing at least one at night would be a plus. One was located in the Meeting Room, one in the Gathering Room, and one in a courtyard garden.

The building was a tiered structure, located in the center of the site on the Germantown Avenue side. It was conceived as two levels, with the Gathering Room and Meeting Room on the lower level and an upper level of Kitchen, Serving and First Day School, all bridging to the woods and rocks via bridges (CONFIRM). An amphitheater, treehouse, and play area were located in the back, with the amphitheater nestled into the pines. There was also a meditative pond in the courtyard garden.

Parking was located along Mermaid Lane and UCP side of the site. From the parking areas, pedestrians would walk southward through a courtyard garden and into the Gathering Room, and then into the Meeting Room (each with a Turrell). There was a loggia off the Meeting Room, and the Meeting Room is the last of the spatial progressions of "light." A caretaker's apartment was located built into the hill adjacent to the UCP parking lot.

Possible other uses for the Meeting House: AA, nursery school, polling place, "do good" groups. There was concern regarding noise from the Mermaid Inn.