What Do Quakers Believe - Responses from March 3, 2019 Adult RE Class

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What do Quakers believe? 

Responses from CHFM Adult Ed class, 3 March 2019


As a Quaker, I believe . . .


-       I believe in the sanctity of all life and indeed of all nature, animate and inanimate.


-       I see God in everyone and that we have aces sot Divine with no intermediary. Spirit is in charge. We seek integrity in outward lives and we seek to be alive and responsive in the world.


-       I believe each of us has access to God’s light. It is up to us to live in that light of love every day and recognize that light in others.


-       I believe that seeking the Divine in community can lead all of us to Love and Truth beyond what we individually want or intellectually understand. Attending to that will transform us and our world, if we let it.


-       I believe that humans have a soul that is a spark of the Divine within them. As we live together in community, it is our responsibility to be aware and share Divine sparks of wisdom and love with one another.


-       - I believe that individuals make their own direct connection with the Divine in whatever form that manifests itself. By listening to it, each Quaker seeks guidance and inspiration.


-       I believe that a community is important and this one cares about justice and service. Silence is the heart of our coming together.


-       I believe that the Divine is accessible in silence, and that what I learn will have relevance in my daily life and in the life of my community.


-       I believe that there is that of God in each of us, and there is an expression of God between us. Waiting worship offers the chance to focus and expose that expression.


-       I believe all people are equal and equally entitled to their own beliefs or non-beliefs.


-       I believe it’s our responsibility to reflect on our lives in light of our standing as Friends.


-       As a Quaker, I believe in the sanctity of all people and in the power of the Divine to inform and guide my life.


-       As a Quaker, I believe that there is good in all human beings, as well as fear. In the silence of worship, I can truly feel the love of God is being transmitted through all of us, and that we are one in the Spirit.


-       I believe that I and all human and all life are a miracle that we can’t ever fully understand.


-       I believe that Spirit wants me to search, to find, to act, to be happy, to be responsible, to be bold.


-       I believe in the unalterable energy of goodness.