Worship and Spirituality Group

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Issues Addressed / General Ideas

How big Meeting Room should be -125, but with possibility to be expanded via Loggias, etc. How does one enter the Meeting Room (i.e., transition to worship)

Feeling of substantiality of materials - Sense of light, sense of weight

Worship in quiet with light (natural)

Turrell in Meeting Room - Unnoticed during worship

Fireplace optional

Existing benches desirable but not necessary

Inward focus for Worship

Presented Scenario

The W/S scenario presented had an east-west orientation with full southern exposure. The building was set in the middle of the site, surrounded by woods except to the northwest. The scheme proposed a layered entry sequence from the north - a path through trees, a porch, a foyer, flanking storage rooms to create depth as one enters the Meeting Room, and the Meeting Room itself. The notion would be to accentuate the journey to spirituality and to create a buffer from Mermaid Lane. The Meeting Room would have several exits. East of the Foyer/Meeting Room was the Gathering Room, Kitchen, Library, and Office. Above this wing was the First Day School on a north-south orientation with the southern end accessible to the woods. The group felt that the entry to the FDS should also augment a spiritual experience.

The kitchen was open to the Gathering Room and Library, with an informal, domestic feel. The Library would function as a meeting room and discussion area. There was thought that doubling up on functions should be considered.

Regarding the site, parking was located against Mermaid Lane and the Mermaid Inn property line. Vehicle entry was in the existing location. There was a labyrinth located to the east of the building, nestled into the rocks and surrounded by pines at the SE corner of site. South of the building was a treehouse and water feature (and presumably play area).

Other notes:

The Gathering Room and ancillary spaces should be able to accommodate a dinner for 80. Also, if FDS goes to an upper level, consideration should be given for HC access and functionality for outside groups (e.g., elderly).