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Clear Creek Meeting for Worship is held each Sunday at 10:00 a.m. and is open to all. Membership is not necessary for full participation. Friends worship begins in silence. That stillness provides an opportunity for all present to pray, to open their hearts and minds to the presence of God, and to actively wait for God's guidance. Out of the stillness, waiting, and listening, one or more of those present may be moved by the Holy Spirit to share a message with the meeting. This may take the form of vocal prayer or sharing God's guidance for us as a community. After a message is offered, we return to the silence; to waiting and listening; and to reflection, welcoming the words offered to us, and seeking to understand what God is asking of us as individuals and as a community. Our worship becomes fullest and deepest if each person fully participates in it. This requires listening carefully for the voice of God both within ourselves and in the messages that others may offer. Children are welcome in Meeting for Worship. The ministry of their voices has often enlightened our search for God's will.