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Advocacy Meeting St. Petersburg Quaker Meeting May 3, 2017

     Friends and Attenders from Clearwater, Tampa and St. Petersburg Meetings met with Shahra Anderson, the regional representative for Senator Bill Nelson, at St. Petersburg Meeting on May 3, 2017. Discussion among the fifteen participants focused on the federal military budget with a concern that there be no increased military spending and that those resources instead by used to promote peace and to support improvements to the general health and welfare. 

     On Monday  June 5th, 5 Team members met at the St. Petersburg Meeting House before our lobby visit with Steven Gary, District Director for Representative Charlie Crist, in downtown St. Petersburg..  During our pre-lobby visit meeting we discussed the preparations for the meeting and a "Road Map" for individuals to participate.  Also we determined what information we wanted on the new "business cards" supplied to our Team by FCNL.
     We encourage everyone to try to be present during these lobby visits.  Please do not hesitate to speak or not. We are grateful to a Friend who joined us although not a constituent and not wanting to speak but rather held us all in the Light. This was very powerful.  The meeting with Steven Gary was encouraging as he shared Representative Crist's concerns that any budget that so adversely affects social programs is a bad one.
     This is our 3rd office staff visit--Representaive Bilirakis, Senator Bill Nelson and Representative Crist.  We shall continue to reach out to Shawna from Senator Rubio's staff who has no office at this time. Advocacy training is available to concerned citizens. Please contact our Meeting if you are interested. Also, see the FCNL entry below concerning advocacy training or check this website: