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This is a site for the community of admins for the Quaker Cloud to:

  • Get help
  • Support
  • Learning resources

If you would like to become a member and gain access to this information, email: [email protected].

What's New

Here are the most up-to-date processes to help you manage your Quaker Cloud site and members.


Hello Quaker Cloud Admins!

FGC has some important information to share with you, which is attached below.

Please send all inquiries to Lee Meinicke at [email protected].


Hello Friends of FGC,

This is just a reminder of what roles you can assign to your members. Please let me know if you have any questions.

- Approved member with no role: can view private content
- Meeting member or attender: a way for the meeting to keep track of records. This does not give any special permissions
- Recording Clerk: can add minutes posts
- Contributor: can add discussion threads
- Administrator Member: can do it all! Add/remove people. permissions, posts, and update the home page

My best,



I'm exploring ways to store Minutes and meeting notes on the Quaker Cloud platform.  When I attempt to create a post using the "Minute" function, I'm getting a message that the format of the document must be a picture or something else that I'm no


After a few discussions and suggestions from multiple meetings, the Development Team and I reached a solution. Many of you wanted your Member Directory button removed from the homepage. We couldn't remove it completely without affecting all sites, but we were able to make it an option.  The check box is on the Edit tab on all homepages now. Check it out, or not! 


Hello Friends,

We've heard from multiple meetings that you want to add videos to your pages. Now you can embed videos in About/Cloud Pages, News/Cloud Announcements, and Events/Cloud Event pages/posts. Give it a try!

Thanks to all for your helpful suggestions.

Have a good day!



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