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Solarize Cincinnati

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Bringing Solar Power within your reach.
Solarize Cincinnati is a new program from the Energy Alliance that makes purchasing solar panels for your home simple and more affordable.

Steps to Solarize

Free Assessment

Sign up today to receive a free solar assessment. After a preliminary site qualification, an on-site assessment is conducted to answer your questions and provide you with an individualized quote for a solar-PV system designed for your home.

Decide if solar is right for you

After receiving your quote, you can decide how to proceed. Solarize Cincinnati offers high quality solar equipment at below-market rate pricing, which enables you to feel confident in your investment.


Your installer will obtain all necessary permits, order materials and equipment, and schedule your installation. Once installation begins, it usually takes a few days to complete.


The installers in the Solarize Cincinnati network will provide ongoing support in the months ahead to ensure that your system continues to perform at its peak capacity.  or call Jeremy Faust  513-621-4232  x131