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Dunnings Creek Friends Meeting

Rhododendron in bloom near the side entrance.

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The Dunnings Creek Friends Meeting hosted Cody McDevitt, the author of Banished From Johnstown, as speaker at the initial Still Listening series of planned programs for the community at large.  Fifty five people attending in person and 10 on Zoom to share in the evening.  Great thanks to the organizing committee and all the volunteers that worked to make the evening a good experience.

August 14, 2019
Dunnings Creek Friends Meeting
The Religious Society of Friends
c/o Susan Williams, Clerk
2049 Valley Road
Schellsburg, PA 15559
(814) 839-2952
Dear Friends,
For almost 371 years The Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as
Quakers, has held the belief that “There is that of God in everyone”. No exceptions.
Friends have worked to abolish slavery, worked to help refugees around the world

The Dunnings Creek Friends Museum, located in Fishertown, is open for the season, June through September.  Hours are 1-4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.


 A special meeting this week.  We will gather at the musem located at 1085 Valley Road, Fishertown, PA 15539 at 10:00 a.m.  Susan Williams and Rose Wurm will discuss the museum and point out some of the displays.  It is suggested that Friend


Worship with us!

Our GPS Address:
Dunnings Creek Friends Meeting House
285 Old Quaker Church Road
Fishertown, PA 15539
United States
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ALL are Welcome Here!

The Meetinghouse is currently open for in-person worship meetings every Sunday. We also have members who join us via Zoom at 10 am for First Day Adult Religious Education discussions and for Silent Worship at 11:00. If you'd like the Zoom link, please send a request to

Where will you find us?

Dunnings Creek Friends Meeting House:

The Meeting House is located approximately nine miles northwest of Bedford, Pennsylvania.

Our GPS address is 285 Old Quaker Church Road, Fishertown, Pennsylvania 15559.

We welcome your telephone calls or emails:
Susan Williams, Co-Clerk, 814-839-2952

Linda Gunn, Co-Clerk,

Meeting Times (Sundays)

9:45 a.m. Gathering for refreshments and fellowship

10:00 a.m. First Day Studies - Discussions of Quaker ideas and current events

11:00 a.m. Meeting for Worship in the silent tradition.

Fishertown Quaker Museum

The idea of creating a Quaker museum in
Western Pennsylvania had been discussed by
several interested persons. This idea quickly 
evolved into the concept of preserving this 
historic meetinghouse under the auspices of
Dunnings Creek Friends Meeting as well as
opening the building as a museum reflecting
the development and history of Quakerism
in Bedford County.  

Museum is now open for the summer.  Sat and 

Sunday 1-4