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Construction Committee Update August 2016

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The Construction Committee wants Durham Friends to be informed of three important upcoming steps in the current timeline for the renovation and completion of the meetinghouse.

  • First, the August 14 meeting for business will be an important opportunity for Friends to get information and ask questions about the final design as well as the details of signing a Design Contract.
  • Second, the Fundraising Committee is also hard at work and will be rolling-out the public phase of the fundraising campaign on Sunday, August 28 at the rise of meeting.
  • Third, at the September 11 meeting for business, the Construction Committee will recommend Friends approve directing the clerk to sign a Design Contract with Dodson Chatman Construction.

The Construction Committee also wants Friends to have all the information they need in order for the DFM meeting for business to move forward with these next steps on this timeline.

  • We want Durham Friends to know that the Construction Committee for renovation and completion of the meetinghouse has met weekly throughout the spring and summer in order to finalize the scope of work for this project. 
  • We have held our meetings in a worshipful manner in order to hold the expressed hopes and needs of the community and to consider and resolve any questions or concerns brought to us from members and attenders of the meeting.
  • There are several documents attached to this email:  a visual timeline, the latest construction plans, as well as a list of the design specifics that will be included in the final design.  Please become familiar with these documents in order to prepare for the August and September meetings for business.

The Construction Committee requests that all Friends reach out to us if they have any questions or concerns with the process.

  1. Seek out the actual Design Contract, if Friends are interested to read it and let the Construction Committee know if they have any questions or concerns about the contract.
  2. Understand that we are moving forward with Dodson Chatman Construction, based on the continued recommendation of business meeting over several months.  If any Friends have any questions or concerns about what this means and what our reasons are for moving forward with this Dodson Chatman Construction, we need to hear from them as soon as possible.
  3. Look at the current design that is available in the library and attached to this email and talk with the Construction Committee if they have any questions or concerns with the current design for renovation and completion of the meetinghouse.
  4. Understand that changes to the design will be very difficult and expensive after we have signed the Design Contract.  For this reason, we want Friends to understand that now is the time to ask any final questions or make any last suggestions.

We are grateful to the work of the Grounds and Facilities Committee over several years that has given the current Construction Committee a solid framework within which to make final design decisions regarding the renovation and completion of the meetinghouse.  We are very excited and optimistic that the business meeting is ready to move forward with this project and look forward to its coming to fruition over the coming months.

In the love that comes from the Spirit,

Heidi Hannapel

Don Oulman

Cheryl Wicker

Andrew Wright