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Finance Committee Liaisons

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The Finance Committee seeks to assist Meeting Committees in their stewardship of Meeting funds through providing a dedicated Finance Committee Liaison to each who can answer questions about our flexible budgeting process, help with reimbursements and payments to outside organizations, and generally be proactive and helpful when fiscal concerns arise. The Finance Committee seeks to engender transparency of Meeting fiscal matters, and our hope is that having a dedicated liaison to your committee will prove helpful in this and other regards. As of January 2015, the current clerk of the Finance Committee is Jen Walker, and the Treasurer is Tim Allen. 

Adult Ed: Jen Walker

Care and Support: Larry Chapman

Youth Ministries: Catherine Lidov

Fellowship: Larry Chapman

Ministry and Council: Laura Sell

Communications: Laura Sell

Peace and Social Concerns: Nico Hotz

Earthcare Witness: Barney Dale

Hillsborough Worship Group: Larry Chapman

Buildings and Grounds: Barney Dale

Facilities Use and Planning: Barney Dale

Library: Nico Hotz

Tracel and Conference Aid: Jen Walker