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A Handbook for Durham Friends

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Table of Contents

Handbook committee is revising these entries (since Aug. 2016)

I. Foreword

II. History and Affiliations of Durham Monthly Meeting

A. Selected Readings Related to Durham Friends Meeting

B. List of Clerks of Durham Monthly Meeting

III. Queries for Monthly Meeting

IV. Introduction to the Organization of Durham Friends Meeting

A. Annual Calendar

B. Positions:

Note:  We are currently experimenting with a Clerking Team that shares the various responsibilities of the Clerk and Recording Clerk positions.  The Treasurer and Recorder positions continue to operate separate from this Clerking Team.

1. Clerk

2. Recording Clerk

3. Treasurer

4. Recorder

C. Overview of Committees and their Relationship to Meeting for Business

1. Adult Education

2. Care and Support

3. Communications

4. EarthCare Witness

5. Fellowship Hour

6. Finance

7. Grounds and Facilities

8. Library

9. Ministry and Counsel

10. Nominating

11. Peace and Social Concerns

12. Travel and Conference Aid

13. Young Friends

D. Representatives and Visitors:

1. Carolina Friends School Board

2. Durham Congregations in Action

3. Piedmont Friends Fellowship

4. Quaker House (Fayetteville, NC) Board of Overseers

E. Paid Positions in Durham Friends Meeting

1. Facilities Scheduling Coordinator

2. Facilities Maintenance Coordinator

3. Youth and Children’s Ministries Coordinator

V. Practices, Procedures and Statements of Durham Friends Meeting

A. Committee Clerks Guidelines 

B.  Committees on Clearness

C.  Marriage Procedures

D.  Membership in the Religious Society of Friends

E.  Personnel Manual

F.  Safety Guidelines

G.  Statement on Harassment

H. Statement of Support for All Families

I. Welcoming Statement

VI. Appendices

A. Certificate of Incorporation

B. Bylaws of Incorporation

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Our Yearly Meeting's Discipline

The Discipline/Faith and Practice published by North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) provides guidance to our meeting from the cumulative experience of this larger body for more than 350 years.  Our own Handbook is an attempt to document our own particular practices and discernment as a local monthly meeting.