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Family Day News

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On Saturday, June 29, a few families from the Easton meeting met for Family Day - three and a half hours of games, worship, art, stories, and singing.  We started with a game on the front lawn to introduce ourselves.  Next, on the Meetinghouse porch Amy Caccia showed us how to make glitter jars. as an object lesson for children in quieting the mind for Quaker worship - something she had learned at a recent Powell House retreat.  With the children carrying their jars, we went into the meetinghouse for a brief period of worship.
     After this,  Adam, the nine-year-old grandson of one of our co-clerks, showed us how to make a ball, a cube and a bowl out of modeling clay.   He and some of the adults made other objects from their imagination.  The results are shown in the slider at the right.
     We broke for lunch, and while we were getting this ready, Adam discovered some orange mushrooms growing near the road.
     After our pot-luck lunch, we told stories about what we created,  Adam said that one of his pieces was a hat of a pirate with extra ornamentation.  Another person suggested it might be the hat of a spaceman, with the wires being something used for interplanetary communication.
     We ended the day's activities by singing several songs from our Quaker hymnal.