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Easton Friends Meeting

Welcome to Quaker Worship

Quaker worship is not an emptiness crying out to be filled, but a contemplative openness to the Spirit of God.

Quaker worship is based on our experience that we can listen to and re-spond to the Divine and real Presence of God. Because we believe in the “Inner Light” or “that of God” within each person, our worship is centered upon an unencumbered and immediate communion with God. There is no minister or program to mediate for us.

Meeting for worship is at the center of Quaker life. In the silence, we seek a stillness within, a quieting of our inner selves, creating an openness to the living word of God. Listening together, we experience ourselves and each other as spirit-filled and spirit-led in our search for Truth.

Out of the gathered silence, any worshiper may be led to speak, sharing a vocal message or prayer. Messages should arise from the promptings of the Spirit, in a process of careful discipline and discernment by the speaker.

While messages may spring from personal experience, there should be an inward sense that they arise from a deep Source beyond self. Silence should follow each message so listeners can absorb messages into their worship. may hear. We receive all messages tenderly and with openness.

Even for seasoned Friends, silent worship is not always an easy process. It takes practice. We are not concerned if we find it difficult at first to settle in to the stillness. We are patient with ourselves and unconcerned with distractions. Those who wait in the Light with open hearts are in the presence of God.
Worship ends with a shaking of hands and greetings. In Easton Meeting, we also share “afterthoughts,” or insights that may come to us during worship but do not emerge as messages.

Meeting Times

Sunday at 11:00 AM

What's New

On Saturday, April 20, Easton Friends teamed up with Rebuilding Together (Saratoga County) to help a family in Wilton where three generations pooled their money to buy a home.  Projects we worked on included installing sheet rock and a grab bar in the bath and spreading out stones in the driveway.  Rebuilding Together provided skilled supervision for our  projects.


The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) was founded in 17th century England by George Fox. Early members include Margaret Fell, William Penn and Edward Hicks.


Worship with us!

North Meetinghouse (mid-September to June 23)
1778 State Route 40
(10.9 miles north of Schagticoke - 2.7 miles south of Middle Falls)
Greenwich, NY 12834
United States
South Meetinghouse (June 30 to mid-September)
227 Meeting House Road
(Off route 40, 5.6 miles north of Schagticoke)
Easton, NY
United States
Meeting Times: 

Sunday at 11:00 AM