Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Englewood Friends Meeting

Englewood Friends Meeting affirms the Quaker testimonies of simplicity, peace, integrity, community and equality. We recognize that a relationship with God is personal and ever evolving. We provide a safe place for all people to love and be loved. We are a "Semi-programed," Meeting and an "Open and Welcoming" Meeting.

The Quaker Way . . . 

  • Quakers practice a religion of experience, a contemporary, simple, and radical faith.  Quakers are also called Friends.

Quakers believe . . .

  • Every person is known by God and can know God in a direct relationship.
  • The Quaker faith has deep Christian roots. Many Quakers consider themselves Christians, and some do not. Many Quakers find meaning and value in the teachings of many faiths.
  • Quakers strive to live lives that are guided by a direct encounter with the Divine, more than by teachings about the Divine.  Quaker terms for the Holy include God, the Seed, the Light Within, and the Inward Teacher, among others.
  • Testimonies are ways that Quakers have found to express our experience of the Divine in our lives.  Some of the best recognized testimonies include simplicity, integrity, equality, community, and peace.

Quaker worship . . .

  • Quakers gather in the silence and wait expectantly to come into the presence of the Divine and to be guided by the still, small voice by which God speaks to us from within. During the silence anyone—child, woman, or man—may feel moved to offer a simple spoken message (vocal ministry) that is inspired by this holy encounter.  Following the message, the silence resumes.  A period of worship may include several messages or none.

Quakers include . . .

  • There are Quakers of all ages, religious backgrounds, races and ethnicities, education, sexual orientations, gender identities, abilities, and classes.  You can find Quakers on all of the world’s continents. Approximately one-third live in the United States and Canada.


What's New


Since June, we have been discussing Phil Gulley’s book If the Church were Christian: Rediscovering the Values of Jesus during First Hour.  The book is available through the Dayton Metro Library or though Kindle. Please read chapter 10, "This Life would be More Important tan the Afterlife"for August 27. Here are some questions to ponder: 

1. Is the church’s historic emphasis on the afterlife a proper concern for the church?

2. How would the church be different if its primary concern were proper stewardship of this life and world?


Worship with us!

(937) 836-6218
Englewood Friends Meeting
51 Union Road
Englewood, OH 45315
United States
Meeting Times: 

First Hour  9:30 - 10:30am

Worship  10:45 - 11:45am

Carry-in, the first Sunday of each month, 12 pm. 

Monthly Meeting, following carry-in meal every other month. Next Monthly Meeting will be Aug. 27 to avoid the holiday weekend.

Assiting Hoke Rd Disciples of Christ with Community Meal; Next Date: 8/30