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Quaker Worship

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Manner of Worship

This meeting house, like other Quaker meeting houses, lacks features common to most churches - there is no alter, no pulpit, no lectern, no candles, no organ or piano. We have no pastor nor choir. Our mode of worship does not require them.

Friends believe that the individual can communicate directly with God and receive guidance through the Spirit without intercession by a priest or a saint; and many feel they have had this experience.

When Friends assemble for worship they take their seats and settle into silence, each in his own way seeking communion with God. Many offer silent prayers of thanksgiving or for the health and well-being of others. From time to time someone may be led by the Spirit to speak and he or he delivers a message. Friends are advised to attend meeting without determination to speak or not to speak but to be receptive to Divine leading. Sometimes no one is led to speak and the meeting takes place without vocal ministry

The meeting closes when the elders on the facing benches shake hands and others in attendance turn and shake hands with their neighbors, Friends or Quakers