FSRM Spring Gathering

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FSR Spring Gathering is Virtual in 2021     Date May14-16 2021
Beverly G. Ward has accepted the FSR invitation as the plenary speaker and will be with us througout  the Spring Gathering weekend.  Beverly is the field secretary for Earthcare, Southeastern Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and co-clerks of the Quaker Earthcare Witness United Nations Working Group.  She is an experiential workshop facilitator trained in conflict transformation, mediation, strategies on healing for trauma , and personal growth. She is an Alternatives to Violence Project facilitator and helps to provide community and prison workshops. She lives on lands once inhabitated by the Timucua ( Ocklawaha River Watershed) and the Tocobaga (Hillsborough Bay Watershed). We are grateful and welcome her to share her rich experiences with us.   
Friends, our theme this year isn't words: it's an Image. Our "Image" is provided in this message. The "Image" here is showing the Intersectionality of Racial Justice, Economic Justice and Climate Justice. The twining vines and leaves that surround the circles show all of our Regions Meetings work joined (inward and outward) in Spirit.    This will be the focus of the Regional Spring Gathering. 
Using this image - We ask that All Clerks of Meetings, Interest/Affinity groups, ARCH, Prison Worship groups, Youth and Young Adults and additional Friends. discuss what is rising in your Meetings. What Leadings-issues, actions and interests are currently rising for all.?
This "image" will grow larger- with the Regions input.  BE CREATIVE-  Create a vine or leaf labeled with your Meetings actions, leadings, work, recent books read and hopes for the future. We want to hear from the Youth, Young Adults and Elders as well. This is a chance for discussion and to learn what is rising for all. 
The "Image"  will become a Virtual Art Project.  Complete your leaf/vine with the concern/issues that are rising within the Racial, Economic, and Climate Justice areas.Many leaves are welcome.
Please send your "Budding " ideas to Mary Klaus    klausmc29@gmail.com   by March 28, 2021 for "Grafting" onto the Regions working Justice vine.  Questions?  ask Mary
Hope you have creative enriching Fun with this.  More information to come soon.
    The Planning Committee for FSR Spring Gathering.