FSRM Winter Gathering

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Winter Gathering will be held, virtually, on Saturday, January 22.


Here is a link to the online registration form.  



We plan to open the Zoom room at 8:30, and begin with worship at 9:00.  The morning session will go until noon, there will be an optional social lunch, and the afternoon session is planned for 1:00 to 3:00.

A Zoom link for the day's activities will be sent in the week leading up to Winter Gathering.  Sending the link to Friends who have registered helps us know how many Friends to expect, and helps avoid Zoom bombing.  


We hope that many of you remember the Flower from Spring Gathering.  What are our roots?  What is our flower?


At Winter Gathering, we hope to go deep together considering such queries as How do we become who we say we are?  What tools do we need?  How do we learn from our mistakes?  What has to happen before we can move forward together?

At Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business in the afternoon, we'll consider these queries:

What is the purpose of the region?

How can we share most equitably and justly the region's work: our care for each other, sharing information, decision-making -- all the aspects that make up authentic belonging in community?

Can we make an equitable rotation schedule?

We are looking forward to laboring together and we encourage Friends to attend Winter Gathering.


If you have any questions, you are welcome to write to this email address [fsrmregistrar@gmail.comor call our registrar, 

Bronwyn Mohlke at 607-220-3219.


From our FSRM co-clerks

          Angela Hopkins and Antonia Saxon

And the Regional Gathering Events Planning Committee:

Sally Zelasko

Charles Zelasko

Michael Tritto

Bronwyn Mohlke

Mary Klaus

Donna Beckwith

Jeff Barr