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2020 Third Month

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Minutes Details: 

Fox Valley Friends Meeting for Business, March 8, 2020


Present:  Jill H, Reed H, Bob K, Tina M, Mary K - Clerk

Approval of Minutes:  Minutes from the January 12 meeting were approved for posting.

Treasurer's Report:  Jim C reported all current bills are paid and our bank balance is $1,299.82.

New Business.

State of Society Report:  We shared thoughts on the state of our Meeting over the last year.  Mary will put those thoughts into a draft report and send it out via e-mail for approvals because it is due on April 28, before our next Meeting for Business.

Reports from Coordinators of Work Projects.

First Day School:  We will have a farewell party for Michael on April 5 during our potluck after Meeting for Worship.  We will also prepare a Travelling Minute she can take with her to present to the Friends she meets in Belfast during her Quaker service which is starting at the end of April.  We shared ideas to be included in the Travelling Minute.  Mary will draft it and send it out via e-mail for approvals before April 5.

Care of Meeting for Worship:  We discussed if we should change any of our worship practices because of the current concern around corona virus.  We decided to practice social distancing before, during and after Meeting, keeping six feet from each other as much as possible.  We will also temporarily stop our practice of closing meeting by holding hands in a circle.  Instead, we will close with folded hands and a head bow to the others in the group with the greeting of ‘namaste’.  The intent of the action is to bow and acknowledge that of God within all of the other people in our group.  We will modify our potluck practices if needed as we continue to think about appropriate responses to keep everyone safe.

WISDOM/JOSHUA/RUTH:  Tina reported the monthly WISDOM conference call on Solitary Confinement is changing the name of their concern to Conditions of Confinement.  This will expand the focus to other issues that are becoming increasing concerns for the well-being of inmates, like poor medical attention.

FCNL:  We agreed to have a special meeting at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, March 29, to participate in the FCNL Priorities Project.  Everyone is encouraged to review FCNL’s Policy Statement “The World We Seek” and come to the special meeting ready to share their concerns related to national issues and policies in a worship sharing format.  After this sharing, we will discern up to seven priorities to pass along to FCNL by their deadline of April 10.

Monthly Potluck/Discussion:  The next scheduled potluck discussions is for March 13.  Additional dates will be determined at that time.

Communications:  Francesca reported that Quaker Cloud is working on changing their technology platform.  She will continue taking care of our Website on the Quaker Cloud as these changes occur.  She has also offered to pay for our Quaker Cloud service as her contribution to FVFM.  Thank you, Francesca!

Prison Ministry:  Milwaukee Friends Meeting has asked for our support on a proposed letter to the Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections regarding appropriate Quaker practice within their facilities.  The goal is to get full NYM support of this letter at annual session in May.  Fox Valley Friends reviewed and discussed the letter and then gave their approval for NYM to support this letter.  (Letter is attached.)

Respectfully submitted,

Mary K, Clerk

With support from Tina M