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2021 Eleventh Month

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Minutes Details: 

Fox Valley Friends Meeting for Business, November 14, 2021

Approved for Posting – January 9, 2022

Present:  Carol C, Jim C, Sue F, Jill H, Reed H, Tina M, Francesca P, Mary K - Clerk

Approval of Minutes:  Minutes from the September 12 meeting were read and approved for posting.

Treasurer's Report:  All bills are paid and we have $890 remaining.  We will send a fourth quarter payment to Feeding America if we continue to not use the Mauthe Center through the end of the year.

New Business.

Holiday Plans:  We will have our regular 11 am Meetings for Worship on December 26 and January 2.  We will not be having any Meetings on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. 

Carol will send a holiday note to each of our faraway Friends.  All members are encouraged to send cards or letters to any faraway Friends they would like to share personal greetings with.  We know our personal greetings are appreciated because we always get some responses each year.

Carol and Jim will be hosting a Christmas sing-along at their home.  Watch your e-mail for details.

New Clerk:  Mary announced plans to move to Barcelona in May of next year to become a full-time grandma.  A Clerk Search Committee was formed to nominate a new clerk for our monthly meeting.  Carol, Jill and Sue offered to be on the Search Committee.

Reports from Coordinators of Work Projects.

Budget:  Jim will present a budget for 2022 at our January Meeting for Business.  He asks Friends to consider if we want to continue supporting Feeding America and/or Paul’s Pantry in 2022.  This will be part of our budget discussion in January.

Care of Meeting for Worship:  The current practice of having a blended meeting with both Zoom and an in-person gathering at the home of Carol and Jim is going well.  Everyone would like the blended meeting to continue.  We are planning to move the in-person meeting back to the Mauthe Center starting on January 2 to make it more publicly accessible.

Mauthe Center:  Reed H will test out the new WiFi at the Mauthe before January 2.

First Day School:  Northern Yearly Meeting is offering a Zoom-based First Day School event for Thanksgiving.

Prison Ministry:  Mary will arrange an informational meeting about our current prison ministry work with Carol and Katie, and invite Tina.  Anyone else who would like to attend should contact Mary.

Potlucks:  Remaining Fall potlucks have been scheduled for November 19, and December 17.  They will be hosted by Sheila and all attendees are vaccinated.

Communications:  Mary sent the Zoom link for our Meeting for Worship to Northern Yearly Meeting for publication on their list.  Francesca reported that FGC’s conversion of our Quaker cloud site to Wordpress has slowed down and is now expected in spring.  She believes it will be a big improvement.

Outreach:  GIFT will be holding their ecumenical Gathered in Gratitude Interfaith Worship on Tuesday, November 23rd at 7:00 p.m. at Old St. Joseph Church and all are welcome.  You can also attend virtually via Facebook: St. Norbert College Parish or YouTube: SNC Parish.  Speaker and Offering will address Afghan Refugee Resettlement efforts in Brown County.

NYM:   NYM Fall Interim Session was October 28-31.  They are working on an NYM minute regarding the Doctrine of Discovery, among other things.

Next Meeting for Business:  The next FVFM Meeting for Business will be January 9, 2022.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary K, Clerk