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Contribute to the Injured Workers Fund

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An injury to an undocumented worker can spell disaster.  The worker may not be able to pay for medical care or get worker's compensation, yet have little legal recourse.  The worker's family may have no income while the worker is unable to work.  Framingham Friends Meeting has set up a fund to contribute to expenses for injured workers through the Metrowest Worker Center in Framingham (, If you would like to contribute to the fund, you can mail a check to Framingham Friends Meeting Treasurer, 841 Edmands Rd, Framingham, MA 01701.  Write "Injured Workers Fund" in the memo space on the check, or include a cover letter saying the contribution is for the Injured Workers Fund.  You can also hand your check directly to the Treasurer, JR Robinson, saying it is for the Injured Workers Fund.  You can also send JR and email ([email protected]) saying a contribution made on or about a specific date is for this purpose.  NOTE: contributions for other special funds may be made in the same way: 1) Kitchen loan repayments, 2) Fireplace doors fund, etc.