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First Day School learns about Purim

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On First Day, March 17, the First Day School children heard the story of Esther and her courage in asking the king of Persia to save the Jews from the villain Haman.  As is traditional, the children used noisemakers called "grokkers" and boo'd whenever Haman's name was mentioned in the story.  They made "hamantaschen" (Haman's pockets), cookies that look like pockets with gold and jewels inside, and learned about old-style "pockets" that were just folds of cloth tied to one's belt.  Then they learned about William Penn, who similarly showed courage asking the king of England to save the Quakers, who were being imprisoned and killed for not removing their hats and for not paying tithes.  The result was that the king handed over to William Penn what became the state of Pennsylvania as a place where people of all religious beliefs could live in peace.  This was to pay off debts that the king owed to William Penn's father.