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November 2020 Queries

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Frederick Friends Meeting follows a practice common to many meetings of contemplating a different set of queries each month. Queries are questions used among Quakers to uncover how our faith is being lived out, both individually and as a community.

November: Stewardship of Personal Resources and the Environment
- Do we regard our time, talents, energy, money, material possessions and other resources as gifts from God, to be held in trust and shared according to the Light we are given?          

- What are we doing as individuals and as a meeting to nurture our gifts?

- How do we encourage the members of the larger community to be careful stewards of their gifts?

- How do we use the world’s resources with care and consideration for future generations and with respect for all life?

And a reminder of diversity/inclusion queries BYM has asked us to use in committee and business meetings:

1. How could this decision affect those who have been harmed by racist behavior?

2. To what degree have privilege, class, stereotypes, assumptions, and our ability to include other perspectives affected this decision? Will this decision promote equity, diversity, and inclusiveness? Will it enable us to be more friendly and whole?

3. How will we provide opportunities for those most likely to be directly affected by our decision to influence that decision?