Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
A Quaker community in Frederick, Maryland

Meeting for Worship

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Our worship is unprogrammed. What that means is that we gather in silence with no preset program and no minister leading the worship. The Divine Spirit within each of us allows us to find spiritual truth and to hold direct communion with God. We do not need another person to give us God's message, and we do not need a certain ritual or specific acts as a condition of worship. Unprogrammed worship in the manner of Friends is a process of prayerful waiting and listening. We listen to what is going on around us. We also listen to that of God within us. Sometimes in this waiting worship we find that we understand things more clearly. At times, these insights may be personal and private and meant only for ourselves. At other times, the Divine Spirit leads us to share these insights aloud in what we call vocal ministry.