Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
A Quaker community in Frederick, Maryland

Work of the Meeting

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How Does the Work of the Meeting Get Done?

We follow the guidance of the Spirit in business as well as in worship, and we function by appointing members to offices and committees. These volunteers prepare business that comes to the entire group for Spirit-led decision making. Everyone is welcome to participate in the work of the meeting. We have no paid minister or other staff. 

Meeting for Business

Once a month--and at other times if needed--we have a Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business, or Meeting for Business, at which we make decisions. We expect most matters to be brought to Meeting for Business after they have been considered carefully by officers of the Meeting or within committees. We use the collective discernment of members as well as tradition and Scripture to help us understand God’s will for us.

The Clerk

The clerk of the meeting has the role of a servant leader. The clerk convenes regular or specially called Meetings for Business, guides deliberations at those meetings, and carries out the Meeting's instructions for actions between business sessions.

Officers and Committees

In addition to the Clerk, other officers of the Meeting are the Recording Clerk, Assistant Recording Clerk, Treasurer, and Recorder. Other volunteers provide administrative services of bookkeeping and managing the website and newsletter and represent us within the larger Quaker community and the local religious community. Committees care for the children's religious education, especially on Sunday (which is the "First Day" of the week); worship and pastoral care; nominations of officers and committees; peace and social concerns; Meeting programs; property; and finances of the Meeting.

For a roster of committee members and committee descriptions, go to our Resources page.