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FLGBTQC Midwinter Children's Program

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The Children's Program at Midwinter gathering creates a space for kids to engage with our conference's theme in an age-appropriate, child-centered setting. More than just childcare, kids in our program do hands-on activities, explore outside, and work together to weave the tenets of Quaker practice and inclusion with one another and the broader community. Activities will be a mix of arts and crafts, group games, story-telling, and more open-ended play and creativity time.

We aim to create a gathering where all children can be included in our activities. Each child is different and may have specific needs that we should be aware of in creating a comfortable place for them to be themselves and participate. If you have questions about accessibility or comfort for your child, you are encouraged to communicate with us before the gathering to ensure all needs are met.

Kids attending midwinter should come ready to have fun, play outside (with clothes to stay dry!), and engage in community-building with a diverse group of other young people. If you have questions about the children's program, would like to help by volunteering as a teacher/second adult, or want clarification on how we can best-serve your children, please contact Lewis Maday-Travis at [email protected] or (303) 854-7589.