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January 13, 2018: Guatemalan Scholarship Benefit Dinner

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The first Quaker Market Dinner of the year will be held on January 13.  The menu will consist of South and Central American foods. Proceeds from the January dinner will benefit the Guatemalan scholarship fund.

The scholarship program was founded by members. of Quatemala’s small unprogrammed meeting in 1973.  Over the last decades it has grown from supporting one student in 1973 to 114 in 2008.  It has grown since 1987 with the help of Redwood Forest Meeting in Santa Rosa which co-sponsors it by receiving financial support from a small number of Quaker Meetings and a large number of Quaker and non-Quaker friends. The Quatemala Meeting administers the co-clerk and staff whose mission is to “provide in-country educational and community opportunities in order to bring choice into the lives of poor Quatemalans and enable them to participate in their country’s growth and development”.