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Use of the Meetinghouse

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Gainesville Friends Meeting encourages use of the Meetinghouse for activities that are consistent with Quaker testimonies and values.

4/27/2022: The Meetinghouse will re-open May 1, 2022 under the following GMM Endemic Covid Response Guidelines.

The Meeting is currently working on concrete plans for outreach in the wider Gainesville community.  In the interim, we have established an Ad Hoc committee to propose a structure for wider outreach and use of the Meetinghouse and have set up an interim committee to approve proposals for Meetinghouse use.  In general, any group wishing to use the Meetinghouse should have some connection to the Meeting or to Quakers.

Interim Committee:

Meeting has established an Ad Hoc Committee for scheduling use of the meetinghouse. Its purpose will be to expedite and season requests for meetinghouse use both from within the Meeting and from outside groups. This Ad Hoc committee will be composed of one representative from each of the following standing committees: Ministry and Nurture, Finance, Building and Grounds and Peace and Social Concerns. The committee will approve use of the facilities in accordance with Quaker testimonies and practice and in accordance with meetinghouse use documents (below).. Scheduling long-term use may need to be brought to business meeting for approval. To initiate a request for use of the meetinghouse, a meetinghouse use request form must be filled out and submitted to a member of one of the above committees. Once approved, the item will be added to the calendar.
Links to the current Meetinghouse Use procedure (approved in 2006) and the form to be filled out to request use of the Meetinghouse are below.