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Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Gainesville Quakers

" . . . walk cheerfully over the world, answering that of God in everyone . . . "

George Fox

You are welcome here.  Join us for worship.

Quakers, such as those at Gainesville Meeting, make up a small percentage of Friends around the world. Today, unprogrammed Friends collaborate with Friends from all branches of Quakerism.

Quakers who worship in unprogrammed meetings share a way of life, not a set of beliefs. We believe that there is “that of God” in everyone. We seek to experience God directly, within ourselves and in our relationships with others and the world around us. We meet together for worship in local meetings which are inclusive and open to all. Quakerism is a way of life built upon values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship, rather than a written set of beliefs. Quakers have a long-held commitment to putting their faith into direct action in the world.

Quaker meetings offer a place where people can find a real sense of community and are free to challenge, question and explore their own beliefs, values and ideas. Many Quakers describe it as a spiritual home – a place of deep connections; a group of people bound together by an awareness of the sacred in all things and a desire to change the world for the better.

What's New

Beto Soto and Gia Del Pino will present information regarding immigration issues and sanctuary.  There will be time for questions and discussion.  All are welcome.


The March 2017 Newletter can be read or downloaded here.


The February 2017 Newsletter can be read or downloaded here.


The Sabal Trail Pipeline, which is being built by Spectra Energy Corporation, NextEra Energy Inc., and Duke Energy for Florida Power and Light, Duke Energy of Florida, and possibly other, endangers culturally significant land and also puts the Floridan aquifer, several north Florida waterways, human population and wildlife in danger.


The theme of this month's Market Dinner is Valentines. Love is in the air. The menu includes pork loin, meat loaf, mashed potatoes, brown rice, Harvard beets, fried apples, green salad, chocolate cake, and lemon meringue pie. So bring your Valentine for dinner and support the Meeting at the same time.

Subsequent dinners will be held on March 18 and April 8.


1:00 pm: Forum on the Sabal Trail Pipeline.


Worship with us!

Gainesville Quaker Meetinghouse
702 NW 38th Street
Gainesville, FL 32607
United States
Meeting Times: 

Gainesville Quaker Meeting

Meeting for Worship:  First Day  (Sunday)  11:00 am
First Day School:        First Day 11:15 am
Fellowship:                 First Day 12:00 pm
Meeting for Worship for Business:  Second First Day of the Month:  12:45 pm

Fully handicapped accessible

Hearing assistance in the Meeting Room


Sandy Lyon

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