A Minute from Berea Friends Meeting

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Berea Friends Meeting applauds the establishment of the Uplifting Racial Justice Committee (SAYMA-URJ) and thanks those Friends whose leadership contributed to its creation.

Berea Friends Meeting notes that SAYMA-URJ "encourages Friends of European descent to support SAYMA-URJ by forming a separate committee or working group."

Berea Friends Meeting calls for the establishment of a complementary and cooperative SAYMA standing committee, provisionally named the Dismantling White Supremacy Committee (DWS), with the following mission:

1. DWS supports SAYMA-URJ in making SAYMA a welcoming and safe place for Friends of color, and raising awareness about white supremacy within SAYMA and the Religious Society of Friends.

2. DWS will listen to SAYMA-URJ and individual Friends of color in order to understand the impact racism has on their lives.

3. DWS will share information and provide assistance to monthly meetings in identifying how individuals and institutions maintain power structures which block people of color from full participation in and enjoyment of all aspects of life and society.

4. DWS seeks to assist individual Friends and monthly meetings in dismantling these power structures.

5. DWS seeks the elimination of both the attitudes and manifestations of white supremacy, and all forms of racism, within ourselves, our monthly meetings, SAYMA, the Religious Society of Friends, and society at large.