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Nurturing faith and Quaker practice
a Quaker Community in Sparks, Maryland

Gunpowder Friends Meeting

We are a community grounded in Quaker Practice, rooted in Christian Faith, and growing through our commitment to the ongoing spiritual lives of our members and attenders.

Welcome to the website of Gunpowder Friends Meeting.  We invite you to spend some time with us, whether it is exploring our meeting and Quakerism on these pages, or in person on a Sunday!  Gunpowder is just north of Hunt Valley, Maryland, in the scenic Sparks area.

We extend a welcome to visitors of all faiths who are interested in sharing quiet time in worship with us.  Sunday (First Day) worship is held in our simply appointed meeting room, unless you happen to come on a day when the weather is perfect for sitting outside.  Then you will find us sitting on the back porch, overlooking the vista before us.

Gunpowder is an active, diverse community, offering opportunities for spiritual enrichment and friendship.  Our children and youth are very active too, with lots of things to do in their First Day School community.

What do Quakers Believe?

Quakers do not share a fixed set of beliefs. Our unity is based on shared understanding and a shared practice of worship, not on our beliefs all being the same. There is no need to be in unity with Quakers on every issue in order to be part of our meetings.

There is a great diversity within the Quakers on conceptions of God, and we use different kinds of language to describe religious experience. Some Quakers have a conception of God which is similar to that of orthodox Christians, and would use similar language. Others are happy to use God-centered language, but would conceive of God in very different terms to the traditional Christian trinity. Some describe themselves as agnostics, or humanists, or non-theists and describe their experiences in ways that avoid the use of the word God entirely. Quaker faith is built on experience and Quakers would generally hold that it is the spiritual experience which is central to Quaker worship, and not the use of a particular form of words (whether that be “God” or anything else).

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What's New

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Vision for Gunpowder Friends Meeting’s Relationship to Energy

Draft:  Third Month 2017

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Each January Gunpowder Friends Meeting collects feedback from members and attenders for the purpose of documenting the Spiritual State of the Meeting.


How to log in for the first time to Gunpowder’s website, so that you can participate in discussions and view materials on private pages for the use of our meeting community:

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02/02/2014 - 11:00am

Once a month on first Sundays, at the rise of Meeting for Worship, members and attenders use time during the coffee hour to write letters to our governmental representatives.  Depending on the subject, the President; the Congress; the U.N.; local

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03/01/2015 - 11:00am

Coffee Social is held at 11:15 AM on the first Sunday of every month.

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03/22/2015 - 9:00am

Join us for Bible Study.

Bible Study is held on the fourth Sunday of the month.


Worship with us!

(410) 472-4583
14934 Priceville Road
Sparks, MD 21152
United States
Meeting Times: 

We invite you to join us for Meeting for Worship at 10:00 AM each First Day (that's Sunday in Quakerspeak).

Travel Directions to Gunpowder:

Sparks is about 21 miles north of Baltimore on the Harrisburg Expressway (I-83). Gunpowder Meeting is west of Sparks and west of I-83. Exit I-83 at Belfast Road (Exit 24), turn west toward Butler. Go one-third mile to Priceville Road; left on Priceville Road for one mile. Where Priceville Road turns right and Quaker Bottom Road continues ahead at the crest of a steep grade, make a sharp right turn into the Meeting House drive.

Mailing address is:

P.O. Box 737; Sparks, Maryland 21152-0737