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Forum, February 11th

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The Changing Face of Friends United Meeting FUM)

FEBRUARY FORUM: THE CHANGING FACE OF FRIENDS UNITED MEETING (FUM): February 11th at rise of meeting with Georgia Fuller of Langley Hill Friends Meeting, BYM Intervisitation Program, and Friends Theological College.

Friends United Meeting (FUM) is the orthodox branch of Quakerism with which Baltimore Yearly Meeting affiliates, alongside the more theologically liberal, Friends General Conference (FGC). The demographics of many FUM-only meetings are shrinking and other FUM-only meetings are dividing. BYM is now the largest yearly meeting in FUM. What does this call us to in terms of both opportunities and responsibilities? The new structure of FUM intends to move the organization away from being a Western missionary society to a Global Partnership. FUM is comprised of the North American-Caribbean Region and the African Region. Over 40% of the world's Quakers live in East Africa. How does this challenge our very Western-educated understanding of Quakerism?

Georgia Fuller is a member of Langley Hill Friends Meeting and
a First Day School teacher. She has served on BYM’s Intervisitation
Program since its beginning, including several years as
coordinator or co-coordinator. She is beginning her second term
as BYM’s representative to FUM’s General Board and is also a
member of the FUM Executive Board. She has taught intensive
classes at Friends Theological College in Kaimosi, Kenya since
2011 and has also visited FUM projects in Lugulu and Lugari
(Kenya), Ramallah, Cuba, and Belize.