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Hanover Friends Meeting is Reopening

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Reopening of Hanover Friends Meeting

Sunday April 10, 2022

Our meeting will open in a hybrid format, in person and those who want on Zoom, Yay.






FULL COVID-19 VACCINATION IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND IN PERSON. If you are not vaccinated, you are always welcome to join our worship via Zoom, so as not to put yourself or others at risk of COVID infection.

IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS, PLEASE STAY HOME. If you and/or a family member are experiencing COVID 19 symptoms as outlined by the CDC, please worship with us on Zoom. Consider COVID testing before participating in public functions.

INDIVIDUALS MUST SIGN IN with the required information upon entry to the building, for contact tracing purposes.

MASKS ARE REQUIRED while in the Meetinghouse. Vocal ministry should be shared with your mask in place; please speak in a clear, loud voice so all may hear.

CHILDREN ARE WELCOME IN WORSHIP WITH MASKS. Those under two years of age are not required to wear masks in worship or in the Nursery School program. Children in FDS and Young Friends must wear masks during their programs while indoors.

PHYSICAL DISTANCING is critical. The chairs in the meeting room are arranged with distance between them and families are welcome to move their chairs into clusters.

FELLOWSHIP: We all long for fellowship with each other. We strongly encourage you to limit fellowship time in the building. We will not be serving food and drink. Practice physical distancing while talking, visit outside on the grounds of the Meetinghouse, and always ask permission before making any physical social contact such as hugging or shaking hands.



Please contact our Clerk, Rhea McKay (802-785-4948). She, along with members of the Fellowship Committee, will activate contact tracing.