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"The Spiritual Roots of Social Action" Series Explained

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A series of interfaith dialogues hosted by Hanover Friends Meeting (Quakers)

Many of us feel rocked to our core at this time in history, when living in love is challenged by political events, and a deep divisiveness among Americans.  Some of us feel overwhelmed, angry, scattered, impotent, self-righteous, ineffective, discouraged.  How do we proceed to live our lives with integrity in these difficult and painful times? How can people sustain their activism and not suffer burnout? How can activists stay on course and remain grounded?

As Quakers, it is with deep conviction that we recognize that our core beliefs cannot be separated from how we live our lives. We feel called to embrace our spiritual roots and to see the oneness of the universal truth called Love. Hanover Friends Meeting is drawn to explore spiritual roots of social action with people of many faith communities and those of no specific faith community.  We are offering a series of invited speakers from diverse faith backgrounds, who will share the richness of their own spiritual grounding, the roots that cannot but grow and flower, enabling them to let their lives speak with authentic witness. 

It is not our intention to network or plan social action during these events, but to nurture the cause of Love that changes hearts and enables us to work towards justice, regardless of whether our endeavors' end goals are realized.  We hope our series will invite the wider community to strengthen a shared base of love and light. Whatever your spiritual roots, we invite you to participate.

Free and open to the public.

All events will be held at Hanover Friends Meetinghouse (43 Lebanon St, Hanover, NH, next to Hanover High School.)

Contact for more information: [email protected]

Co-sponsored by St. Thomas Episcopal Church & the Church of Christ at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH; Norwich Congregational Church, Norwich, VT; and Meriden Congregational Church, Meriden, NH.