Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends

All Are Welcome

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A few words about our manner of worship… as we center together, we enter into that space that is open to the workings of the Spirit. Out of the silence a person may be led by the Spirit to stand and share a brief message, prayer or song. We do not come to worship expecting to speak or not speak, but with the understanding that each person can serve as a pathway for Truth. When vocal ministry is given, hopefully spoken clearly and loudly enough for all to hear, a time of silence allows for thoughtful and reverent consideration. Often messages may relate and build upon each other, but this is not a time for debate. Sometime a message echoes thoughts and feelings of others. This may be followed by further messages or deepened silence. We call this a “gathered” meeting, experienced as a profound sense of spiritual community. Some weeks no messages are offered and we rest in the peace and power of quiet worship.

You will know when the worship is completed when Friends begin shaking hands and greeting each other. At this, the “rise of meeting”, we hear of joys and sorrows in the lives of Friends, welcome visitors, hear brief announcements and then gather in the outer room for fellowship. Most Sundays there is a program after fellowship.

Before entering worship, we often meet in the fellowship area for singing.

On most Sundays, following worship and fellowship, presentations, programs, or sharing of spiritual journeys takes place. All are welcome to attend.

On the Third Sunday of the month, after a shared meal, we re-gather for Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, an unique Quaker practice in which participation by the whole community is encouraged as decision making that affects the life of the Meeting and our relationships with the larger community takes place.