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How to Join a Hanover Friends Meeting Cloudspace

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Our Quaker Cloudspace is now active and it represents one of more than 160 meetings on the cloud. Scot Drysdale and I are principal administrators. We also have Cloudspaces for each committee or officers group of Hanover Friends Meeting.

We had hoped to have all our attenders and members entered  as approved Cloudspace members. We are submitting a list that the FGC can enter as a batch. FGC has been overwhelmed with applications from other meetings, so it will be a while before we have batch entry. Currently 88 members and attenders are enrolled; several do not have passwords!

Our Cloudspace home page is at . You can join individually by going to this page and selecting "Signup for On-line Meeting Access". It will take you to a form that you fill out. Note that you can choose whether or not to have your information in our directory and how much information you wish to provide Quaker Cloud. It would be useful to the meeting for you to include a small picture. Each member will be responsible for updating any/all directory information including telephone numbers and addresses. Your e-mail will be your userid, so be certain to use the one you want to use to receive HFM e-mail.

After you have filled out the form send Scot or myself an e-mail saying that you have filled out your form.  We will approve your membership and then you will be able to sign in if you have a password.

In order to see meeting private material or Quaker Cloudspace accessible pages, you must have a password and Login with it. Should you need(forget) a password after you have filled out the form and become a HFM Cloudspace member, go to
Fill in the form and an e-mail will be sent to your address containing a URL to a Quaker Cloud page (it may say Go to that page, enter your chosen password, and verify it. Then check to make certain it works by going to our home page (above) and login.

Some of you will wish to be contributors to our Cloudspace. Please notify Scot or myself if you wish to have this role. The Communications Committee is currently considering a policy for who may post and what may be posted. We hope this can be formalized soon and approved by business meeting.

If you have questions and for the time being, please direct them to me at If enough people ask the same question, I will try to post answers in Resources-Documents.